Can We?

Can we get a little better? Cuz….everything seems to fade away. Can we find time for leisure? Cuz every minute feels insane. Can we pull ourselves together? Cuz everything else is falling apart. Can we break the silence of pleasure? And speak our heart out! Can you stand up and fight for me here? Cuz […]

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Approvals……why do we need them? Every corner of our lives. Every untouched side needs approval? WHY? I guess its just human nature to feel accepted to get the approval whether its about their inner self or their outer self. Our need for approval rises from the deep seated insecurity. The ones the mirror knows¬†but others […]


The Unexplicable

The Unexplicable mind with untouched reality Words unsaid, Stories untold where actions lead the way. Hard truth of life. But, truth hurts and I’m in pain. Lies of the past, Decayed the future. A deception of truth, A conception of lie, Smile of heart. Tension of the brain. Lies a mystery here Whom would I […]

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My words they know no boundaries, They swim in the ocean of my mind. You may find me delirious at times, But you’ll never know whats inside. I may be my own escape sometimes… I’ve never let another touch my soul, Cuz they’ll hurt like they did before. Haven’t you ravished me enough yet? My […]

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Silent Heart

A silent heart with spells of truth, Darkened by the words of the blacked. Staring the lie with an intend to die. Laws of life affecting mankind. Emotions exaggerated , Emotions unsaid. Smiles of the small, Cry of the big, No heart to beat for love. A ravine of feelings escorted, A storm in the […]

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In this era of technology….first meetings have lost its meaning! Have you ever heard someone these days not on a social media site? I guess not! You see….times are changing and world is getting open to these new ideas and stories that people have to offer! And more so often we’ve now found a place […]


Summer Again!

You spilled innocence on me, I’d been…..lost in it ever since. And then you took the very best part of me, You showed me….what I could become. There I felt an energy runs through me, My confidence was never this high! You made me believe me in hope, And raised my expectations like no one […]

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