Youth strive

The taste of youth in the smile of innocence, the struggle of hearts to attain clairvoyance. The pain of being misunderstood, The stain of tears withstood. The loneliness when you’re drowning in your thoughts, The spoken and unspoken feelings fought. Underneath the happiness fears hide, when all your words simply collide. How come things were […]

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Expectations? What is that you ask? Let me tell you what it exactly is…it’s a perfect way to screw up everything you wanted. Expectations,they glare the very vision of how things are suppose to be and soon in time we start destroying what was actually meant to be with what it could be. Sometimes expectations […]

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The Unspoken

My words they insinuate you, Your tries they instigate me. What we hide is what trails behind us, Guess this would make sense but all it did was make a fuss. You break whats not even yours and weep for the things that you want. I bring down my errors with lies that get sold. […]

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The Unfinished

The Unfinished……… The time we begin something and leave it….undone! Its what happens each time! But would the best works be appreciated if we left them the same way. There are laws to universe that tells us that each one of our undone work will come up every now and then. This is exactly why we […]

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Many a times we feel entitled to say things we don’t mean. Do things we don’t want to but at that moment we feel a rush of emotions to take it all out and lose our self for once into the moment. Its kind of harsh on others but a release from our side and […]

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Can We?

Can we get a little better? Cuz….everything seems to fade away. Can we find time for leisure? Cuz every minute feels insane. Can we pull ourselves together? Cuz everything else is falling apart. Can we break the silence of pleasure? And speak our heart out! Can you stand up and fight for me here? Cuz […]

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